Ragnarok Philippines Rollback


Some of my friends here at the shop was disappointed because ragnarok Philippines just did a rollback to June 1, 2007. They told me that there are a lot of things had happened within those dates affected. This action was due to duplication cheat or bug that was discovered by players and LUG team.

I know how it feels because Khan Online Philippines( my number 1 MMORPG) did a rollback last May 31 back to May 24, 2007. I lost some golds, levels, time, weapons and online credits. I just hope this won’t happen too often as many gamers might not always be able to understand why team LUG needs to do the Rollback.


  1. Wow! A Khanatic!

    Great site and thanks for the blogroll inclusion.

    Best of luck to ur blog. Feel free to pull content off my site and just link back!


    GM T

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