Ragnarok 2 – First Glance

Me and my friends met Myung-Jin Lee, the writer of Ragnarok Manga back in Level Up Live 2008. Level Up Philippines supposed to bring Ragnarok 2 : The Gate of the World after they have shown a very short clip of the game during the Level Up live 2007 but apparently when Level Up live 2008 came we haven’t heard anything about it anymore.

Fastwarding to November 2009, I happened to met someone in an Icafe who’ve been playing ragnarok 2 though I don’t think the game he is playing is an official released RO2. I asked permission from him if I can borrow his account and fortunately he lend me his account while he sat beside me. So, here is my first glance of Ragnarok 2.

As expected by a huge number of Ragnarok Die Hards, RO2 should be really an upgrade to the original Gravity Communication’s Massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Fortunately Ragnarok 2 became a fully 3D mmorpg. Character customization are now available like the Hair Color, Hairstyle, Eyebrows, Eye etc. You will also need to choose a weapon in which you can name it.


Since its using a 3D engine, camera view features are all there though character graphics are not that fine but I think its better like this so that the Ragnarok look and feel will still be there. The most feature that catches my eyes was the game environment background. I can say its really vibrant, colorful and very nice to see.



Hopefully game publisher can finalize and announce to the public whether or not they will release the game here in the Philippines. Lets hope this will be soonest because once this will be delayed further, the game might not be able to compete with other online games in the market unless if you are really a Ragna die hard fan.


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