PSP Games Download

This post is a survey to all gamers who owns a PlayStation Portable (PSP). Do you look for a PSP games download ? or buy the original PSP games ?

I did asked the above questions because I’ve been noticing that many of our Internet Shop customers owns now a PSP and they usually come and rent a computer just to look for PSP games download sites then download their favorite PSP game titles. Not just that they sometimes just play with each other using their PSP rather than playing their favorite MMORPGs. What is this a trend? This is getting Interesting as I’m slowly seeing PSP is becoming popular among students here in our area. But anyway feel free to answer the survey by using commenting system.


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  2. Its impossible for me to buy the original. Lakas kasi temptation na download na lang or pa lagay sa mga shops eh.

  3. for me i download the game, play/try it, and if i like it, i buy it. siguro itatanong nyo, “bakit ka pa bibili ng original na UMD e meron ka naman na downloaded iso?” kasi kailangan din natin suportahan ang game developers para gumawa ng games. kung puro lang tayo download e may chance na maluge sila, at di na makagawa ng games. so kung meron ka rin naman pambili e suportahan din natin ang developers…

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