Priston Tale II – The Second enigma

The first time I visited their official website over at I felt excited with the news on  their website.  Well, this is Pristone Tale 2 and it is expected that its better than the first one.

Last September 2007 I had a blog entry where I wrote about Priston Tale Philippines and how I get to know that Priston Tale 2 was in the development stage. One year after its finally here. Though at the moment there is no sign that this game will be coming to the country but still its nice to know Priston Tale 2 existed already.

An exclusive special preview launching of the game was held in Barcelona last September 13, 2008. Then by November the game will become available to all those who wish to download it and play online for free.

By looking at the screenshots of the game, I can say the graphics is well developed and hopefully, I can do additional entry of Priston tale 2 in later dates.


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