Priston Tale 2 now on its Full Open Beta

Did you missed getting closed Beta key of Pristontale 2? well today I bring you good news. Pristontale 2 now on its full open beta. Meaning you dont need to have a beta key. Currently, I’m downloading the Pristonetale 2 client and hopefully by tomorrow I can play the game. I’m not sure though if this Free Fantasy online game is playable here in the Philippines but I still want to take the chance.

Pristone Tale 2 was first released in Korea back in February 2008. Then Closed Beta in Europe started late last year. Just this February 14, 2009 Pristone Tale 2 went to Full Open Beta Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to play the game since I was not able to get a Closed Beta Key.


  1. i downloaded it before…and even played CBT…but during OBT our country(Philippines) is no longer on the supported list…meaning you can download the client and patch it…but in the end you’ll end up having nothing but 2Gb+ of files installed without anything to do to play the crap…so my suggestion is play other MMORPG available…it is really disappointing esp to me because i played PT1 before and having 3 characters all level 100+…but that’s what happened..all we can do is to wait for a company to host the game

  2. this is crap im not longer to login on this game!!!!!!
    how long we wait about this game to CBT or OBT on the Philippines i cant wait this one!!!! new seasion 2 of pristone tale 2!

  3. hey guys i have good news!!!!

    ive just read it on the PT2 forums

    and the Admin said that PT2 is now playable here in the philippines weeeeeeeeeeee sa wakas mkkalaro n rin ako ^^


  4. nadownload ko na ung game.. sa wakas.. pero ayaw gumana ng id ko.. unknown user daw. wtf? open beta na ba tlaga? sa website nila closed parin daw for european countries eh

  5. totoo ba malalaro na d2 sa phil yang PT2? dndownload ko n ngyn e. Isa akong adik d2 a long time ago in midranda server….Insu pa clan nmen nun..haiz sna malaro q

  6. pano mag ups ng item sa pt? wala pa pt2 ban taga asian mga racist amf alam nila kc matikas pinoy sa games e hehehe! kaya ban nila asia 🙂

  7. walang website ang Priston tale 2 for Philippines. International pa ang Priston tale 2. download ka from the website (, patch it, then dont forget to run the game “as administrator” and, (not really recommended, but this is what i did to make the game work) turn off your firewall ONLY IF you’re OS is win7. dali laro na kayo para dumami tayo. 🙂

  8. i was able to dl pt2 from the website in one of the cafe’s here in davao pero sa ngayon i’m hoping to find a cafe na merong good connection at astig na pc’s pang.pt2. . .

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