Polt Bagged Starcraft2 2013 MLG Spring Championship


The 2013 MLG Spring Championship started with 128 players on a double-elimination open bracket last June 28 to 30, 2013 and one came out as the Champion. CStorm Polt bagged the Starcraft 2 2013 MLG Spring Championship plus a $10,000 held at Anaheim, CA.

Initially there were 8 brackets and Polt was in Bracket 6 defeating the following SC2 players CaptainObvious 2-0 Rount1, Veritus 2-0 Round2, Xenocider 2-0 Round3, Suppy 2-1 Round4. Then Round5 (Winners Round 5) came with only 8 players remaining includes HerO, Sage, Sound, HyuN, NaNiwa, Polt, Dear and Jaedong.

It was the following players fought on Winners Round 5

HerO vs Sage = Hero defeated Sage 2-1
Sound vs Hyun = Hyun defeated Sound 2-1
Naniwa vs Polt = Polt defeated Naniwa 2-0
Dear vs Jaedong = Dear defeated Jaedong 2-0

Then Winners Round 6 started with the following players

HerO vs Hyun = Hyun defeated HerO 2-1
Polt vs Dear = Polt defeated Dear 2-0

Please do remember there were also losers rounds where players will still have a chance to get back into the tournament by defeating the players who also got eliminated in some rounds. Since Her0 and Naniwa defeated their opponents in the losers round they again faced Hyun and Polt respectively but lose to them again. The Final match was fought between Hyun and Polt and Polt won 3-2 and declared the champion.

Polt played in the 2013 MLG Winter Championship however he was not able to make it on round of 8. This time his performances was excellent and according to some commentators on the MLG tournaments Polt Terran opening is an old school strategy and its seldom seen in Heart of Swarm plays but effective.

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