Pokemon Go : Where to catch Pikachu in the Philippines


If you came to this page you might be looking for information on Pokemon GO where to catch Pikachu here in the Philippines. We just got our Pikachu this August 2016 and we are sharing the information.

There were tips appearing left and right on the social media and other gaming sites and blogs that you can get the cutest Pokemon Pikachu by ignoring his closest pokemon friends when the three first come out during the start of the Pokemon Go game. We tried that but were simply not lucky enough as pikachu did not appear after waiting and doing the instructed tips.

Then just few days ago we went to SM Mall of Asia to test how much Pokemons we can catch. It was during our second visit when we catches 2 Pikachus. Yes you read it right. Not just that during our first visit another family member got one from her phone. Basically, we got 3 cute pikachu at SM Mall of Asia in our 2 visits to the mall. One has a good combat power of 221CP.


We did our researched also via some social media and we found out there were players also catches Pikachu in other SM all over the Philippines. Maybe its not 100% accurate but we believe the chances in seeing Pikachu in SM is higher compare to other locations.

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