Pokemon GO Unable to Authenticate Problem


I’ve been reading a lot of Pokemon Go unable to authenticate error rant all over the internet. From Youtube, message boards to social media like facebook, twitter etc asking on how to solve Pokemon Go Authentication Problem of this nice game. Personally, I thought only those people who are using PC emulators and rooted phones are facing this problem but upon following this issues for few days now I can say there are also gamers who are affected even their phones are not rooted.


My affordable ASUS selfie android phone is working perfectly when Pokémon GO 0.37 to Pokémon GO 0.39.1 came out. My only issue though I cannot update my Pokemon Go from google play store since the system is saying device not compatible. So, I needed to go to other site just to upgrade my Pokemon Go.

There are some help can be found online but many commenters said its not working. There are also youtubers who shows solutions but still many commenters are saying its not working. We can conclude as of this post there is no actual solutions for Pokemon Go Unable to authentication error. Meanwhile, here’s what we know so far

– This issue came in when buddy system update Pokemon Go 0.37.0 was implemented. Well, maybe Niantic wanted also to fix and avoid using 3rd party programs by its players.
– When Pokemon Go came out it became worst than ever.
– Some bloggers and players suggested to create a new account, new google email but we tested it and its not working also.
– If authentication is showing in your phone that does not mean you account was banned. Don’t lose hope. We’re sure on this as when we tried using other phone I also get unable to authenticate but when I use my ASUS selfie android phone everything is working.
– Using Pokemon Trainers Club does not work either.

As soon as we find solutions for this we will post it immediately. For now play other games.

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