Pokemon Go : Pikachu Nest in the Philippines


By now you should have noticed that Ive been posting Pokemon Go related content. This is because its been part of my weekly and sometimes daily routine traveling and playing the game. I live in a community with small number of pokestops and gyms and its not gonna level me up. I really need to go out. My options are the mall or probably some parks.

For this entry I’ve like to talk about Pokemon Go Pikachu Nest in the Philippines. First of all, I’m not sure how can a certain area become a nest of specific pokemon ? I dont know the number of specific Pokemon should appear before it can be considered a Nest ? I asked this because for the 3rd time I visited SM Mall of Asia and I was able to catch another 7 adding it to the 2 previous catch. And for the record 1 escaped and another one was cached by another family member of mine. Basically, thats 11 Pikachus we actually saw, catched and escaped. Of course we should also assumed other Pokemon Trainers also catched some as well. Now can we consider SM Mall of Asia – Palm Coast Avenue a Pikachu Nest in the Philippines ? If you ask me yes it can be considered a nest. Honestly, this area is the best so far. A lot of Lure activated, active Gyms and I’m seeing actual trainers as well. Not to mention I was able to catch rare and evolved Pokemons around this area. For Pikachu I still need 19 more before I can evolved. That is if Im going to transfer and convert some of these Pikachu to Candies. My highest Pikachu Combat Power is 362. Hopefully, I can visit the area again. How I wish its just near our area. Check the images below.

pikachu   2016-08-26_105426

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