Pokemon GO in Festival Mall and SM Mall of Asia


Less than a month since Pokemon Go officially released in the Philippines, trainers still playing hard and hoping to catch those strong and rare pokemons. From time to time we hear trainers disappointed with their catch but in general the community is still excited. Well, this game somehow has this lucky factor. No matter how hard we travel and try catching pokemons if its not for us then its our fate to try and player more.

We’ve been playing slowly but daily since the launched date however, most of the time we just roam around in our area. Then just this weekend we had the chance to visit two malls. Its our lucky day I guess. Our stop Festival mall in Alabang and Mall of Asia in Pasay.

Catching Pokemons at Festival Mall in Alabang Experience
Since this is our first time to go to mall to test how the catching of pokemons look like we were like WOW seeing lots of pokestops. Well, in San Pedro Laguna where we reside we can simply count pokestops and the interval is kind of wide and far. In most cases you need a bicycle, motorcycle or a car to transfer from one pokestop to another. Well
there are areas pokestops are close to each other but not as nice as in Festival mall. While inside a mall its easy to go to pokestops not to mention its not hot. We spent around 4 hours inside the mall. We catches handfull of pokemons which we dont see around in our community. We noticed some establishments are the ones starting the lure modules. Maybe these establishments sees opportunity when trainers goes to within their establishments area.

Here are just some pokemons we catched while we are inside Alabang Festival Mall.


– Golbat CP 304
– Pigeot CP 192
– Goldeen CP 185
– PsyDuck CP 162
– Spearow CP 113
– Raticate CP 98
– Poliwag CP 93
– Tangela CP 73
– JigglyPuff CP 62
– Koffing CP 48
– Exeggcute CP 42
– Pinsir CP 29
– Machcop CP 13
– and a lot more duplicate pokemons.

Catching Pokemons at Mall of Asia in Pasay
Our next stop last weekend was Mall of Asia. Im telling you guys a lot of lure modules activated can be found here. A lot of pokestops, loots, and of course better pokemons coming out and available for catching. So, far this will be our favorite place to catch pokemons. Will still try other areas in the metro. If you havent tried catching pokemons at Mall of Asia you better visit the mall soon.

Here are just some pokemons we catched while we are in MOA.


– Golbat CP 432
– Magneton CP 384
– Magmar CP 362
– Tentacruel CP 275
– Wartortle CP 228
– Voltorb CP 206
– Oddish CP 197
– Goldeen CP 178
– Bellsrout CP 121
– and a lot more. Check out our Gamerster instagram account for a video image of the pokemons we catched.

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