POGS 2008 : After Event News

I’m still tired of the Lineage 2 event yesterday but event like Philippine Online Gaming Summit should not be let passed.

I was there at the event location at Tri Noma in Quezon City at 9:30am. The activity center is not yet open when I arrived so I needed to wait till 10am.  Basically, I was one of the few people who registered early.  Came 11:00 AM, gamers started to flock to the registration booth and I started to take some photos. Most of the time I just watched gamers playing for free on those several designated computers for each gaming publishers like Levelup, Egames, GetAmped and Z-Zone.

When cosplayers started to show up gamers started to take out their digital cameras and video cam while many were still in line on different booths to accomplish their passport requirements to get a free Loot bag. Different publishers were giving away their MMORPG installers and posters to gamers as well.

There were some activities on stage sponsored by other companies aside from game publishers.  Intel, Globe Broadband and PC Express were their as well.

I left Tri Noma after Moonstar88 played some of their music pieces. So, basically that was it. POGS 2008 just made our day. It was full of fun, Clan wars, Cosplay pageantry and of course a lot of giveaways.

See you guys next year, If God’s Will.
*Photos will be posted tomorrow.

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