Playing Starcraft 2 on Bronze League / Division


I’ve been occupied with playing Starcraft 2 for couple of weeks now. I finally skipped the practice mode and went to the Leagues and Ladders Matches. During my first 5 placement games its 3 to 2 and I was placed by the BattleNet system to the Bronze Division. According to some info a Bronze division is a division for Starcraft 2 Players that belongs to the 70%-100% of Global Ranking (or SC2 SEA ranking). From there if a player will do good he might be promoted to the higher Leagues Division. Check it below.

# Diamond (top 10%)
# Platinum (10-25%)
# Gold (25-45%)
# Silver (45-70%)
# Bronze (70-100%

So, if you belong to the bronze league don’t worry as if you are really good and keep on winning you eventually reach silver and climb to the Diamond League. Currently I have 40 Wins and 44 Losses. I know not the best records out there for bronze player but isn’t the worst too. My early objective is to make the Wins and Losses even.

I believe putting the player on a certain division that matches to the rest of the SC2 expertise on that Division would make the game fun. This is because you will be playing against those within your skills. So there….

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