Philippines Welcomes Aika Global


T3 Entertainment and Hanbitsoft Inc. together with Redbana Philippines introduced Aika Global last August 27, 2010 as the Closed Beta launching took place in many countries except for Brazil and North America. So if you come from the Philippines don’t fret as we can play Aika Global.

As what I’ve mentioned in my previous related blog entry, Aika global is a fantasy Multiplayer Online Role Playing game or MMORPG. This game comes with six (6) unique classes such as : Warrior, Dual Gunner, Sniper, Crusader, Night Magician, and Priest. Aside from that AIKA online has this Prans that can assist your Aika character as you explore its dungeons.

Allow me to post some part of Aika Global’s Press Release for gamers here in the Philippines

The Philippine MMO community has just become wilder as Hanbistoft Inc and T3 Entertainment in cooperation with Redbana Philippines launched the Open Beta Test for its newest MMO, Aika Global. Fresh from its CBT success, Aika Global is set to take the MMO wordl by storm, opening its doors to challenge online gamers accross different nations to participate in massive warfare.Various countries from Europe and Asia have already shown their fervent desire to join the epic online battle and so Filipinos are also called upon to answer the challenge.

Filipino along with other gamers can hammer away with the game’s impressive content and comprehensive game control with minimum computer requirements. Players will also have a first hand experience of the Pran System, considered a key feature of AIKA Global. The game promises 1000 vs 1000 epic wars which distingquishes i from all other MMOs. There are different kinds of battle modes to choose grom usch as Castke Siege, Relic Wars and the Nation Wars that awaits the battle savvy, These are regular battles which will leave gamers coming back for more.

Global gamers are already all out in the field, exchanging blows, flaring up for victory. Filipinos are expected to blast and show international gamers what they are made of. Will Pinoy Reign? Let’s find out in game. See you there

If you are up for the challenge you can get the AIKA game client here


  1. There is a new set of events this December.

    Also the Community Marshalls are now designated on each nation to help players with their inquiries and trainings.

    Hope to see you in-game 🙂

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