Philippine Based Clash of Clans with 250-300+ wins


We have been working on the list of Clash of clans TOP WAR CLANs in the Philippines since last year. Today is the first update for 2016 and we’ve seen some changes to the list. There are clans who are continuing to do good in wars and increasing its win rate while other deteriorated. There are also clans who seem to give up and we saw only a few members remaining which we removed from the list. Anyhow, here is the latest Clash of Clans: TOP WAR CLANS in the Philippines. Only the best clan out there, not just strong clans, but clans that last longer than other clans. 


As you can see some of these war clans reached the 300 wins mark. Pretty impressive right ? remember not all clans last this long. Some clans even takes longer to reach 100 wins. Kudos to these TOP war clans.

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