Perfect World Philippines Quest

When I first played Perfect World Philippines Open Beta I did some quest hunting but at some point I shifted to leveling up by just killing mobs. Then today after reading an article on this GAME magazine I got convinced that doing quest is very much recommended in game like Perfect World. Besides Perfect World has so many quests to finish that makes the gamer adventure more exciting.

Today I spent an hour or two exploring PW maps and towns just to accomplish quest. Well, I did accomplished some things but at the same time I’m capturing some PW screenshots and saving some key information on quest for additional content of my game blog project. Basically that would slow the leveling up of my character.

What I want to achieve here is to have a personal quest guide for this game so that incase I want to create another character it will be easier for me.  Though at this time I haven’t really surf the official website of Perfect World if how much information that are already available there.

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  1. This is true. You can level up much faster doing quest. Not to mention its more enjoyeable accomplishing quest rathan by just killing mobs. You will be surprised there are a lot of quest in Perfect World.

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