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I first encountered Path of Exile Game on twitter few days ago and today I decided to check on it. What we know so far about the game is that it went into closed beta phase for more than a year from August 12, 2011 to December 2012. Then went into Open beta last January 2013. Since then a lot of changes and patches happened to the game client.

The download Path of Exile game found at can be played globally without using Garena. Then just recently Garena brings this game to the Singapore and Malaysian Communities which can be played by Garena users coming from the said countries.

Path of Exile is  free-to-play action RPG by indie developer Grinding Gear Games. It comes with seven  exciting classes. One feature I will be looking to  is that players can explore randomly generated levels for extreme replayability.  Based on the looks of  some images on their official website, I’m seeing  Diablo on this game the excitement is going up  but of course  right now I cannot go into details as I’m still downloading the game. So if you wish to go ahead and try the game yourself you can download it at

path of exile


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