Patapon 3 Demo – Review (First Glance)

Patapon first installment came out sometime in Feb of 2008 on Sony psp. Then more than a year later Patapon 2 came out in May 2009. After that a demo was shown of Patapon 3 Last E3 2010 and it was announced it will be released by November 2010.

The other day when I checked Playstation Store Network US I saw the Patapon 3 demo ready to download. Without hesitation I started downloading it and eventually played it on my PSP GO.

For gamers who haven’t tried the previously Patapon SAGA ( 1 & 2), this game is about a tribe and you the player will choose one from the three available heroes (shield, spear and bow) become their leader and must lead them into battle with a unique movement keys. Think of a musical drum beat you need to go with the timing so that you can successfully execute series of commands to defeat your enemies and the boss of course.

The tribe and your character seems to look simple but trust me Patapon environment was created blending simplicity and yet superb graphics that is enough to give it a thumbs up. You will also be humming the addictive chants of the game after playing it. So, you better put that headset to increase the enjoyment while playing Patapon 3..

I also tried the Multiplayer Patapon 3 demo on the Internet and had another player on the quest which you can also chat with him. Its an interesting development as the excitement starts to hit me and can’t wait November 2010.

So if you have that PSP GO or PSP head on to PSN and download the demo.

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