Pandora Saga Philippines

I just read this from IPventures official website that a MMO Game from Japan called Pandora Saga will be published here in the Philippines by IP e-Games in few months time. Now this is getting interesting as IP e-Games will also be releasing CABAL Philippines very soon. Most likely gamers will have more options to play better (hopefully) games than what we have right now.

Below are some images of characters from the said game.



Images taken from the official website of the game


  1. Yes, better games for the Pilipino! I saw this announcement from, ipvg,, and egames forums.

  2. wownaman ang galing ok yang laro na to nakita kopalang sayoutubeang gandanaahihihih kay lang kaya lalabasang pandora sagasaph hmmmm parang l2 lang mukang mapapa quit ako sal2ha parang mas gustokoto pandora ^_^

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