Nida Online – First Glance

Nida Online just recently ended their Closed Beta test. Since I was able to try it, here is my game first glance post.

Nida Online is a 3D fantasy Online blended with Sci component. With that we can call it a Hybrid Action MMORPG. Leveling is fast infact in just less than 30 minutes play you can reach level 15 or even more if done properly. Graphics and its evironment look and feel are nicely created. Its Fighting animation and skills cast are good too. The game shortcut keys are standard. Some Game settings can be controlled to match your preferences.


Characters include Knights, Mages, Summoners and this Artificers that makes this MMORPG hybrid since it uses Pistol, Machine Gun, Bazooka, Laser Gun, Shotgun, Grenade, and Mortar as its weapon.

My few hours exploring Nida Online was good and interesting. With the nice experience I’d like to levelup to a higher level when the Open Beta comes.




You can check the game here.

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  1. Looks like an old fashioned game, but I like the idea of Articifers. It’s something which you don’t get from other MMORPGs.

    Also, I’ve found out NIDA Online is starting open beta from today. Who wants to join me?

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