Next Showdown Patch for Audition Dance Battle Philippines

Next Showdown Patch for Audition Philippines finally took place yesterday.  Basically, it was a maintainance day and some Internet shop who was not able to prepare or wasn’t able to download the 170MB patch ahead of time losses some auditon players to rent in their shops.

Latest Audition patch has the following :

 – Wedding Ticket : wherein you’ll be able to invite your loved or significant other’s avatar for an out-of-this-world Wedding! 
See Lyrics text:  wherein you can see read the lyrics while listening to the audition tunes.
New Competition Server : A server where Best Audistas can compete with each other.
Pets availability : Yes you heard it right.
48 New Songs
New Avatars to choose from.


  1. when is the next domination in the philippines and where it will be its venue or place?? is it in the mall of asia agian??

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