Newly released MMO Game Titles – Old game ?

I don’t really get why some publishers are still releasing new MMO game titles but the game graphic itself is already out of this generation. They should think that MMO gamers can immediately distinguish nice game graphics, nice game play from the old style games. To save them from wasted marketing and promotion effort, I think its better publishers choose another titles.  So, why I’m saying this? Here’s why.



The other day I saw these ads in one of the gaming portal which I usually visit on the Internet. The banner graphics look fascinating and the website was nicely created. So, I decided to download the game client. After that I installed it and registered an account. Honestly, I was excited to try the game but when I was on the character creation screen, I begun to think that this game is not good. Finally, when the screen loaded and my character entered the game. Wow…the game looks very old. It should not be for MMORPG. I think I only spent 5mins then logout and uninstalled the game.


  1. What about the gameplay? Does it offer the same grind?

    I’m all for good graphics as the next guy, but textures and normal maps alone don’t make games “pretty.” Art design contributes greatly to a game’s overall look, so even when the graphics look a bit dated, good art can make up for it..

    Take World of Warcraft, for example. It’s an old game (came out in 04), and its minimum CPU requirement is an 800MHz PIII. Laughably low, eh? But 10 million people think it’s still worth playing.

    As for this game you’re referring to, which one is it anyway? If it sports the first Tomb Raider’s graphics (re: PS1), then that IS old.

  2. Hmm…. I can only think of one with what clues you’ve given 😉

    Well I can say this as someone who works for the POGI (Philippine Online Gaming Industry) – iCafe Level. Can they handle it?

    For us who doesn’t play in iCafes it is not a problem, but Home Users is way far from becoming “the” market in the Philippines – as in low-low percentage. The majority are iCafe gamers.

    Thus, newer graphics games are harder to bring here in the country. We’re not just talking about PC speed, RAM, but video cards as well as Internet Bandwidth (yes that’s a factor also). ^_^

    In fairness however, I’d like to point out that an MMO is not about gfx but (1) gameplay; (2) replayability; and (3) service quality (which includes support). Best example of these are Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, and other MMOs still popular from the 1st Gen MMO to early to mid-2nd Gen MMO.

    But maybe that’s just me. New breed of MMOGamers value gfx more than the 3 I mentioned 😉

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