NetoPi@ Guild Master Search

A sponsored Guild Master is new to me though I’m not sure if there is something like this before where a company, establishment or a brand sponsored a Guild/Clan in an online game published here in the Philippines.

I read from Rohan PH official website that there is a “NetoPi@ Guild Master Search” happening. If you think you have the spirit of a leader and can participate in a killing other players online event then head on to this page for details.

Check the benefits of becoming the netoPi@ guild master. This is really a nice development in the MMORPG industry here in the Philippines but of course many Rohan Players also reacted to this news. Think of a popular computer store or  a clothing brand will sponsor a guild. Interesting!?
Quoted from from Rohan PH website:

• Guild Master will be able to play in any Netopia Branch for FREE. (as long as he/she plays Rohan Online)
• Guild Master will always have a specific amount of RPs (50000Rps) to spend for Guild Buffs and maintenance items (i.e. Costume, SES, Mounts, etc.)
• Guild Master and Members will receive special Netopia Membership Cards that will give them special benefits from netoPi@ Branches.

More details about the benefits and responsibilities of the Netopia Guild masters will be added soon.

Guild Master and members will NOT receive any In-game Items, Crones or special treatment from Level-Up!

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