Netgame’s Cloud Nine Online

Just today I saw one Icafe with a poster of Cloud Nine Online that made me very curious why a Global MMORPG like Cloud Nine from Netgame doing on that Icafe’s wall.

After few minutes, I arrived at my game station in which I immediately guessed and visited mobiusgames website and immediately saw a banner of Cloud Nine Online. It looks like mobiusgames or should I say Digital Media Exchange and Netgame binded with partnership for games distribution and game credits. I now realized that I missed this game news two months ago.

The partnership of Digital Media Exchange and Netgame made possible for PH players of Hero online and Cloud Nine Online able to convert Mobiusgames epoints to Hero Online Ncash and Cloud Nine game currency.

I hope I can get my hands on the Hero Online and Cloud Nine posters soon.


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