Neosteam Review

I finally had some free time to spare for a review. For this post its a review for Neosteam Online. Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent developed by Hanbitsoft and Joy Impact and published by Atlus Online in the US.

Last November during the LU Live 2009, Neosteam trailer was shown and promoted by Level Inc for Global market. So basically, Level Up global somehow had this partnership with Atlus Online and its developer for the distribution of Game credit which is through LU

To signup for an account you can visit and download the neosteam client. Then the next thing you will notice after choosing server was the part where you need to choose between two factions. These are The Republic of Rogwel, realm of science with powerful machinery while the Elerd Kingdom focuses on nature and magic.


You can also choose among six races namely :

Human – Known for their quick and subtle movements
Elf – Interest in Magical Studies, allied with Pom in trying to combine technology with magic
Pom – Proud Descendant pf Maestors and have the knack for Technology
Lupine – are known for their great physical strenght
Lyell – from the Taxn Alliance, They worship nature and seek a harmonouse relationship with earth.
Taxn Human – are attractive and agile. They are known for their carefree.


then you can choose from Warrior, Mystic, Machinist and Scout as the class in which you can customize with head and looks options. For the controls, the game uses standard keys including zoom in zoom out, rotation, WASD, point and click and space bar for jump. The graphics is okay but gamers who mostly played Asian taste of fantasy MMO might see Neosteam a little bit different on the graphics part. Animation of skills and mobs combat was cool. At this time I cannot really comment on the gameplay since my character is currently trying to reach a decent level. Hopefully,  I can do an additional review of the game.


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