I don’t know when or why changed their domain name to but I think gameclub is a good name too. Here’s another interesting information. is a popular domain name meaning there is no way anyone can just register this name now or anytime for the last 3 years and so, my curiousity lead me to check the whois info of and here’s what I found:

Registrar: DOTSTER
Created on: 14-JUN-95
Expires on: 13-JUN-18
Last Updated on: 29-JUN-09

WOW! is that really June 14, 1995? if so the domain name is really valuable.  Only visionaries or real businessman can think in registering a domain in the early-mid 90s. During those time I’m still using the Bulletin Board System or BBS. I’m not sure about this but my guess is that the management of purchased gameclub domain name from other person or company so that they can use it.   Well, I could also be wrong.


  1. They changed their domain name because “mygame”‘s reputation has been devastated by their stupid GMs! hahaha Mas matalino pa gamers kesa sa mga GM! ^.^ I heard from a friend that mygame’s gms are the marketing team of the company and that means, they can be incapable of properly doing their duties in game. hmmmmm……… hindi domain name ang dapat nyong palitan kundi ang mga GM nyo! =)

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