brings Weapons of War

Weapons of War will be released here in the Philippines by Game Publisher Mygame. MyGame is also the publisher of Special Force (SF), Fiesta Online PH, PartyPool, and this new game Twelvesky 2.

As soon as I checked Weapons of War Beta site I immediately recognize the videos and some game characters shown there. The Global name of Weapons of War is Talisman Online in which I already played and already made an entry Talisman Online – First Glance . The game look promising and lets just expect mygame can really promote the game like what they did with SF. According to their official forum Weapons Of War will start its Closed Beta Test by August 2009.

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  1. LOL says:


  2. blackrd09 says:

    shit i download weapon of war through internet when i`ll open the launcher the website of weapon of war came out..

    Can u help me guys to my problem if u read this contact me in 09205578537 thank u

  3. [MC]mAcrEmA says:

    kc nung matapus kung idownload sya kapag lalaruin ko na website ang lumalabas . tapus ngyon page not found na paano ko ito gagawin ?

  4. anthrax15 says:

    bakit ba after ko mag install ng Weapons of War, may database error na lumalabas??? ano solution nito???

  5. cyrox123 says:

    i played weapons of war now but what is your original or new site cos i cant fine it! and i dont know how to store(vend) in this game! help me

  6. hacker says:

    panu bah gagwin !! minsan kc lumlbas ung dont send error..
    kea lagi q ne-re2install.. ung war of weapons!!!.

    help!!! nman..

  7. hacker says:

    panung error bah.. error(12037) gnito bah lumlbas n error sa inyo??


    auzin nio lng ung date&time ng pc nio…

  8. mrgrudgedown says:

    hacker slmt tlga nkapg laro din ako NG wow tnks ng marme

  9. rAzi3L says:

    mga preeeeeeeeee……..need help…bakit palage merong error…ana naka lagay ay Error…Failed ang lage lumalabas tapos reinstall ko…ganun parin ang labas..need help plzzzzzzzz

  10. mynz says:

    di talaga ako makapasok pano ba2…palagi lang may lomabas na unavalable srver (511999)

  11. master says:

    amf … client don’t send error..

    Gnyan Ung Lagi lumlbas..
    Pnu gagawin ko..
    nka ilng reinstall n q
    gnun pdn..


  12. jhinji07 says:

    gnun dn ng yayari smin pre.. pota nga ee.
    panu b auzin un..
    comment agad

  13. Yuen says:

    Try to lend the CD of WOW.. much usefull kesa mag DL sa net. hndi kxe updated yang nsa internet

  14. orvs07 says:

    pano po ausin pag may lumalabas na error: starup [graph] failed

  15. jhayce says:

    na install ko na ung game tapos kapag magloading na nawawala ng ung games, pero wala naman error na nakalagay, help me plzzz..

  16. Lliene says:

    my lumalbas po na starter error(999999) .. after lng po mwlan ng connection d2 gnun na lmlbas

  17. lonelyboi101 says:

    Pls Healp..
    Guyz after i downloaded W0w fail Downloading Launcher Package file failed to Install ang Lumalabas Pls help Nmn….

  18. masterghun03 says:

    nakakapikon po ung GM sa war weapons scammer ninakaw ung 2 ko na tiger nakakapikon un ah sana matanggal na po xia sa pagiging gm nya nym nya nga po pala gmhann

  19. jazz says:

    ump !!! ano po gagawin pag open q ung wow , may lumalabas na gan2 eeh,, CKI Read Failed , ano po ba yan?? elp namn po !!!

  20. jazz says:

    ump! d ako makapg laro ng weapons of war , kac pag open q na 2 my lumalabas na , CKI Read failed (99999) ano po yan eeelllpppp!! namn po jan , plsss

  21. yuwee28 says:

    pag-open ng wow lagi lumalabas failed to install… bkit gnun anu ggwin ko tnx

  22. owning says:

    bat ganon pag open ko ng game ..pag loading ng game bigla nalang nawala. wala naman error. pa help naman po plzzzz!!! :(

  23. vHanKriLL021 says:

    GM pa2long nman po 1 week n akong d nkapag lalaro ng WOW nag send error ung client ehhh please contact 09075110461 plzzzzzzzzzzzz pra nman sa nyo din kaya kami nag lalaro

  24. grimjaw13th says:

    who wants wow? account im selling
    lv 38 wz with tiger you can txt me at 09197892331
    sawa na me dun eh sayng nmn wlang mag propro ceed

  25. rainzernal says:

    ayos namn ang date and time ng pc ko pag katapos e download nag error pa rin. pa help po please..

  26. bulate says:

    nakapaglaro na ko ng wow but after a day lang nag error send na pag nag try ako mag open.. thrice dn ako nag reinstall but wala p din silbi.. i even downloaded ung latest patch, wa epek pa din.
    wat i did was sinave ko sa usb ung folder ng wow (gameclub and gameclub launcher folder sa program files) galing dun sa pc na gumagana ung wow (nagcopy ako sa comp shop).. dinelete ko ung “client” ng original file ko na nageerror tpos paste ko ung nsa usb na kinopya ko.. ayun gumana na.. client ang may problema.

  27. Bugok says:

    My teknik sa pagiinstal ng w0w delete nyu muna gamelauncher ng gameclub, bago ka maginstalled ng w0w tapos pagnainstalled na ung w0w mkkita nyu automatic naguupdate ulit ng gamelauncher.. Un lang un.. Jejeje,, enj0y the game @.@

  28. jhyzhin says:

    bakit b ganun ayaw mag start ng game error ung lumalabas

  29. llkoako says:

    bat ayaw kua ayaw nyang i download

  30. deabthebest says:

    bkt na istock yung installer sa data????

  31. Vin says:

    pano po para hnde mag error? pag eh log in?

  32. Vin123 says:

    pano po para nde mag send error?-_- GMf.f.. Help naman Oh…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  33. jeroldlopez says:

    GM bakit ayaw mag PATCH ng weapons of war ko???
    saan ako makakuha ng PATCH????
    please help mw naman poh oh…
    sa SF at CROSSFIRE lang ako nakakuha ng PATCH pero sa WOW hindi..
    thanks in advance
    i love gameclub!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. mga tol please help me naman oh bakit pag nag open ako ng wow at pag pindot ko ng join nawawala bigla,please text me help me 09192477762 pag natulungan u me bigay ako ecoin

  35. urga says:

    hay nku

  36. iziah says:

    bat gnun d aq mkapaglaro ng wow sa laptop ko. super laki ng screen kht pliitin ko sa screen resolution yaw p dn gmna ee help nmn po.. d q kc mpindot ung join the game.. tnx in advance sa hhelp..

  37. PEREz says:

    paano install weapons of war di ko alam elp

  38. itoangmalupet says:

    bakit ang lumalabas sakin failed to global.cki (error_fileopenfailed)

  39. JOY says:

    I have tried many times playing weapons of war at any net cafe, i found it enjoyable and i wanted it to be on my laptop, and so i copied it. I played it a few more times on my own laptop but after a few days of not being able to log in, every time now i will launch the game, i recieve a “???????”= starter ERROR
    CKI Read Failed(999999)
    what does this means?
    what will i do so i may be able to play again. i miss it.
    i need help, please, i want to know. please

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