My MMORPG Characters

I’ve been playing online games since October 2005. Thats less than a year. Right now here are the levels of my online characters. :

mhiveheal  : Level 152 (cleric :  khan online Philippines)
mhiveknight : Level 138 (knight: khan online Philippines)
mhivelord  : Level 71  (blade : Flyff Philippines)
mhivelife  :  Level 40  (assist : Flyff Philippines)
mhiveleader :  Level 51 (swordman : Ran Online Philippines)
mhivesword : Level 10 (swordman : Hero Online International)

there you go. All of these are active characters. Meaning I’m still playing these characters at least few hours in a week unless if I have more important things to attend to.

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