Most Played MMORPG @ My Internet Cafe

I just want to share this. In our Internet Cafe the most played online game for the month of August was Audition Philippines. Actually, Audition has been consistently the most played in our shop for five months now. Prior to that Ran Philippines was the most played online game. If I remember it right, on the same month last year Flyff and khan Philippines were the popular ones.

This month, Perfect world, RF Philippines and MU Philippines are the Philippine Online Games to beat. Please note this is just based on our internet caf©.  Shop next to mine I believe MU online Philippines was the most played mmorpg game..

For the most played network game last month was DOTA. Vice city comes next. While the most purchased MMMORPG Game card 4 months in a row was MOBIUS Philippines E-points then Ran Philippines. This month however, LUG game card is the most purchased Game card.

That’s it for today.


  1. Marami po talaga players ang audition. Kahit po dito sa shop nilalaro halos audition nilalaro ng mga estudyante. Pero sa tingin ko di sya maappreciate ng mga hardcore gamer.

  2. Hi! I would like to talk to you about a project for a magazine. I hope you don’t mind, but can you please drop me an email? We’ll take it from there. Thank you.

  3. RF online is the popular game in the shop where I’m renting right now. There are also audition players here

  4. Hi, how many PCs do you have in your cafe and how much do you pay for electricity. I’d like to start one out (15pesos per hour because the rest of the cafes here charge that amount), and I’m trying to figure out the optimal minimum number of PCs I should get. Will probably start with cheap used PCs just for internet, then add newer 780G PCs if it looks profitable.

    Any advice? Please e-mail or YIM.


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