More about Domination 2 and Cabal Launching

After airing my comment on the event and posting the domination photos I still think that I needed to have another blog entry about the event. Despite of some not so good experiences on the entrance registration I would still consider Domination II was indeed a huge success. E-games did a good job in making the event activities interesting for their community.

You know why it’s a huge success? It is because E-games did a wonderful job in choosing Ramon Bautista and Tado Jimenez as the hosts. They have this natural way to make us laugh by just hearing what they were saying on stage. Performers’ selection was also cool and steel bars were not too far from stage. Fans and photo hobbyist like me were given a chance to see their celebrity icons in close range.

Audition players enjoyed the dance showdown of Sexbomb dancers and some chosen few audistas at the Audition Booth.

A number of Granado Espada’s cosplayers were seen on the event. I haven’t seen them in other gaming event like POGS 08 and so I assumed they are new cosplayers.

Attendees were also excited after hearing the Ran Online: The Movie announcement and the new game which is Cabal Online. Attendees were able to take home Cabal Online posters and try the game at the Cabal Booth. I can personally say that Cabal Online is one good MMORPG and local publisher will just need to promote game not just in metro manila but also in the provinces.

That would be it for Domination 2. Next Year ulit?


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