MOGA Pro Mobile Gaming System for Android


If you are a heavy Android gamer then this Mobile Gaming System from Moga is for you. You can connect your android tablet or android smartphone and you are ready to play your favorite games without using touch screen feature of your phone.

Features :
– Clickable dual analog sticks, shoulder buttons, shoulder triggers, D-pad, and four action buttons offer the control you need for the games you want
– Wireless Bluetooth connection that works with Android tablets and phones
– The MOGA Armâ„¢ secures phones up to 3.2 inches (82mm), the largest phones on the market
– Full-sized rubberized grips minimize wrist fatigue during mobile gaming sessions
– Internal rechargeable batteries with a USB recharging cable
– Folding tablet stand
– Huge game library with more titles coming all the time
– Works with Bluetooth-enabled Android 2.3+ smartphones and tablets
– MOGA Boost Technology charges your phone while you play


Watch the short video below as demostration of this cool Mobile Gaming System.

If you are interested to buy one you may check your favorite computer shore or check out Prices ranges from 3500 to 4500 depending on the series of this mobile gaming system.

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