Modify PSP GO

I was looking for something yesterday in a commercial center near our place and unexpectedly saw a sign with label WE MODIFY PSP GO / PSP .   I never thought PSP GO can be modified now or maybe I wasn’t interested in modifying my PSP GO and never made any searching for the same topic online.  Since I got my psp go last april of  2010 I never purchased any paid game although I remember I inquired at Databliz for PSN Credits but never pursued to get one.

After seeing that sign I checked the version of my PSP Go and found out its ver.6.37 which is the latest as of posting. Then  I made couple of searches and came to know that programs or tools  in modifying PSP Go can only support up to version 6.35. Getting that information would mean you cannot modify any PSP Go with 6.37. Maybe after couple of months we will be seeing mod for this version.

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