Mobius brings Wolf Team to Philippine Shore

Wolf Team is a Massively Multiplayer First Person Shooter Online game with unique features that a FPS players will enjoy. Imagine your controlled Soldier character can transformed into Wolf-human during battle while opposing team uses High-tech Weapon to help them out destroy the enemies.

Based on Softnyx website, Wolf Team is also available in Latin, International Community and soon Korea.


  1. you’re suggesting all pinoys are retarded noobs? i managed to make kills with a horrible ping time of more than 200 ms. and be able to contribute to wins. if that’s so pro, i can’t wait to see noob. :p

  2. hi there,

    can i ask one thing …im here in dubai and i want to buy a wolf team card in the philippines, how much and what are the denominations of cash?…ned it immediately…thanks guys…

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