MLG Spring Arena 2 Starcraft II results


And the Champion who bested other Starcraft 2 players is Empire’s zerg Dong Hwan “Violet” Kim   or just simply Violet.  He defeated some known SC2 players such as  Alicia, Grubby then he met with Leenoch then Polt and on the championship match against Symbol. He will got the 1st Place money of $10,000.  His final opponent was another Zerg Player Symbol.

Final Results:

1st Place, $10,000: Violet
2nd Place, $6,000: Symbol
3rd Place, $3,600: Stephano
4th Place, $2,200: MC
5th/6th Place, $1,400 each: Heart, Polt
7th/8th Place, $900 each: Inori, Dream

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