Master of the Hunt Event From Khan PH

Khanatics, please do mark your calendars because on December 14, 2007 we need to kill someone IN-game as two commanders will lead their armies into battle. Please see the mechanics below.


– There will be 2 camps during this event
a. Hordes are composed of Assassin, Cleric, Necro
b. Crusaders are composed of Sorcerer, Micko and Knight
– Announcements will be made as to when the event will start
– Signal will be made by the commander of the offense camp to advance his/her troops towards the Defense Camp
– Defense camp will maintain their current position and protect their commander at all cost
– Camp who’s commander gets killed during the event is automatically defeated
– Player who kills the commander of the opposing camp will receive a special prize

Game Moderator Setting:

– 2 GM per camp (Commander)
– Offense: Zebracal will lead the Hordes Camp
– Defense: Shekinah will lead the Crusaders Camp

– December 14, 2007 (PVP Server Siege Castle) around 6:00 pm

Map Setting:

– Wroclaw Castle
– Khublai server 4

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