Lineage II Philippines/Southeast Asia Commercial Launching


I just came back from the Lineage 2 Commercial Launching at Mall of Asia today. It was a fantastic experience as this was the first time I attended a gaming related event with my Canon Rebel XT (EOS 350D) .

The event was great with a lot of freebies, clan battles, OPM bands playing, LG Girls signing and dancing and cosplay fashion contest. I arrived at the venue past 11am and I immediately signed up at the registration booth for the passport entrance. Since my Lineage II character is not that high in level I decided not to visit all the booths for the possible getting a Lineage Premium Items. What I did I kept on photo shooting as I wanted to have as many good shots as possible. I stayed there for more than 5 hours. Here are few of those shots I got. I’ll just upload the rest of the photos later on.

The Crowd of Lineage 2 Philippines

Some Lineage Players preparing for Clan Battles (Below)

Lineage 2 Gamers

Tueday Vargas on Vocals (The Top Junks Band)

Top junk at Lineage 2 Launching

Still uploading some photos from Lineage 2 Commercial Launching

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