Lineage II Offline?

I was walking around the neighborhood last Saturday when I passed by a small internet cafe. I went inside and checked on some shop customers who were playing games. To my surprise I saw a shortcut on one of the computer desktop with lineage 2 offline. My curiosity led me to rent and checked that link. 

Registration is quite very easy as I only need to supply username/password and email address. After that I clicked lineage2-offline shortcut on desktop. To make the story short I was able to play the game. Not just that, it surprises me even more because the game has Kamael patched. This patched has just been recently released. After trying it for 20 minutes, I decided to logout. 


Right now, I believe this Lineage 2 offline version is not yet known to most internet cafes and I hope it stays that way as this is not good to the real Lineage 2 Community. Let see how the Lineage 2 officials handles something like this unofficial servers.


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