LevelUp Live 2007 Aftermath

The Rush
Thousands trooped to the World Trade Center yesterday to attend the LevelUp Live 2007 which is considered the biggest Gaming Event in the Philippines.

Early Birds
Me and some friends was there yesterday as early as 6AM to try our luck to be included in the early bird group. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived there were already more than 200 gamers which I believe some of them arrived 2 to 4 hours earlier than us.  Amazing huh!

Wise Move
I still believe though that it was a wise move for us to be that early because later that day the line going inside the WTC becomes longer. Trust me you  don’t want to be caught in line in the middle of the day because it’s already hot outside.

All fun
I can say the event was filled with fun and enjoyment by just watching other gamers participating in different gaming booths. New patches game trailers made everyone soo excited. The entries for the LevelUp film fest were just very cool as well. A two thumbs up for gamers who  conceptualized and made those video entries. It inspired everyone who watched it yesterday.

Avenue for catching up
Gaming event like the LevelUp Live 2007 becomes an avenue for gamers to catch up with each other in real life. In fact, I met some online friends in person yesterday and some long lost friends too.

The Best Part
For me the best part of the event was the championship matches of different LevelUp mmorpg games. It was exciting and at the same time many gamers dreamed to be on their shoes on stage competing for the championship trophies and bringing their Clan or Guild to its heighest peak this year. Congratulations to all winners.
The Good news
For those who still haven’t visited the said event, you can still go to WTC today. Yes today is the last day of Level UP Live 2007.

For more reads about LevelUp Live visit GM TRISTAN website.


  1. sa dami ng tao kakatamad tuloy pumila sa mga game booths.

    Tama po kayo enjoy po ang final battles ng mga clans.

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