Level Up Mobile

When I log in to one of my Level Up game account yesterday I saw this news announcement on the game client. Level Up Inc just added mobile features to make game accounts more secure. Features includes Lock / Unlock account, change password, Balance Inquiry, News and downloadables (probably some mms, game phone wallpapers, etc).

I haven’t tried the service yet as of this posting because I’m a Globe user.  At the moment the service is for Smart users only and hopefully, Level Up Inc will be including other phone providers. I’ll be trying to link my Level Up account to this mobile service later today because my smart number is at the shop.

For me this is a good mobile service as it can protect gamers’ account since hacking and keyboard logger are rampant in some Internet Cafe. Nowadays, owner or Icafe personnel should really install additional security and other anti hacking software on their computers.

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