Level Up Live 2008

Level up Live 2008 is still 5 months away but the guys from Level up, Inc are already preparing for the big event.To show you that they are really putting their heart in the preparation of the event, the official website of the said event is already up since April 21, 2008. You can check it at http://www.levelupgames.ph/live2008/ . Level up Live 2008 will still be held at World Trade Center on October 18 & 19, 2008.


  1. no one can ever replaced the true spirit of Pangya.. And Sorry Level-Up.. A18 earns more from pangya Ph players… GM’s of Pangya Ph we’re soo NOOBS and don’t even know how to play the game…. Kulang kau sa dedikasyon sa Trabaho;.. Ang habol nyo lang ay PERA!!PUTANG INA KAU

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