Last one of us review – First Glance


Last One of us is exclusively released for Play Station 3 (PS3) and developed by Naughty Dogs creator of top notch PS3 game like Uncharted 3. At this point I’d like to share my first glance review of the game.

Everything started out when Joel arrived at his house one fine evening and then his daughter Sarah gave him a gift for his birthday. This wonderful evening turns into a terrifying night as the City where they live hit by this mysterious infection where infected people become sick and then starting to attack other people. The way I look at it its a zombie thing. Since this is a survivor sort of thing they need to move to other place with Sarah’s Uncle Tommy. Along the way they witnessed commotion as other people also trying to flee. I’m telling you guys its really shocking, terrifying with a mixed of drama. I won’t be spoiling everything here as its better you will be the one to discover in game so that you will enjoy it.



Naughty dogs really made a good job here. The graphics details of the game is just amazing, music background is soo wonderful which I came to know its work of Gustavo Santaolalla, an Oscars award winner for his work on some movies and the best thing about the game is that the characters are full of emotions which you can really feel it.



If you are looking for a new game to play and you are a type of gamer who also into story lines then you should really try Last one of us. As early as an hour or two playing it I can already say the game is really good and entertaining. My rule of thumb in rating if the game is good or not is simple. If its entertaining and not boring you got my plus rate.

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