Land Of Chaos Online Review – First Glance


I got occupied with playing Nintendo Wii lately but yesterday I freed my self from that console and downloaded Land of Chaos Online or popularly known as LOCO and here’s my first glance.

LOCO Characters

Lets talk first about the characters in LOCO. Unfortunately, there is no character customization available for this game however, the characters are already stunning and nicely done. You can choose from the 12 Characters/Heroes and each has set of skills which you can use during the battle.

Interface, Keys and other Features

Gamers who are familiar with WASD keys will appreciate this as LOCO uses that. During battles, when your character dies you can actually choose your other character that has different skill sets to counter your enemy skills. This is one way to be on the advantage side. You just need to make sure you observe what your enemy is using against you. There is also a ranking system which I believe it will encourage players to learn more in handling their heroes.

The interface and graphics of LOCO is really stunning and vibrant that your eyes will like it. Its one of the nicest graphics I’ve seen this year. What you see on the wallpapers or images on the website is also the same IN-GAME. Other MMORPG is misleading as it looks good on their website but when you go inside the game its not even closer to the wallpaper.

Game Play
LOCO has a game play which I think you are already familiar with. Think of Real-Time Strategy Game with a blend of Third Person Shooter on a Skill based Multi-player Environment. Your objective is to help your team mates and destroy the enemy structures and their Head Quarters. Along the way you need to fight and kill computer characters or other players.

You can create your own room and invite your friends or you can join other rooms with option according to your expertise on the game. If you are new to the game you can just pick Novice Map. You can also play against the computers or against other players. In order to earn gold you need to conquer mineral points during battle or just kill enemy AI minions. This gold can be use to purchase items to boost your character.

Since this is just a first glance review and I only spent couple of hours playing the game I might had missed other important features of the game. Right now I can say the fun is there and the community as well. Graphics is also one of the plus point of LOCO.

Additional information :
You can play this game here in the Philippines and if you are interested playing the game hop in to :
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