Khan Philippines Siege War Event


Yesterday, I decided to join the defending guild in Khan Online Philippines Siege War. Siege War is an In-Game event where the guild who owns the castle in the world of Khan Online has been challenged by another guild. Usually, it becomes a battle of Alliance against another guild and their allies. Both offensive and defensive guilds recruit members from different guilds to temporarily join them so that it may help them in the battle.

While waiting for the Siege War to start I roamed the meeting places of both sides. By the way I noticed whenever there is a Siege War Event there are a lot of gamer who logged in just to participate on the event. This is not happening all the time in the world of Khan Online Philippines. Seeing the players online is just wonderful scene. Below are the screen shots I captured.

Screen 01 – See the green bar? Number of online khan gamers increases if there is a Siege War Event.

Khan Online Philippines Login

Screen 02 – Assembly Place of the Defense Team
Khan Online Philippines

Screen 03 – Assembly Place of the Offense Team
I’ll be posting some scenes during the battle next time.

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