Khan Online From Mirinae


I’m a little bit curious why Khan Online usually is not listed on some popular MMORPG Portal websites. Does the developer/Partners lack of marketing program of  their game. Not to mention Khan US closed shop several months ago.

The game itself is wonderful. Not the best but I can say it has a wonderful gameplay, character built system and graphics is simply nice. As of this time Khan korea, Khan Thailand and Khan Philippines exists on MMORPG industry.


  1. sadly Khan Phil is closing as well…. lack of developers support… *sigh* a lot of filipinos love this games deeply but unfortunately every filipono khanatics should say goodbye to the game they loved very much and to their characters…

  2. Yeah!!! I am a Khan fanatics.. Hope khan online will rule the game again in Philippine in another form of strategy but same graphics and character thats wat i luv most on Khan Online.. 🙂

  3. Im Khan fanatics tooo…. im all upset what happen to the said game KHAN. Hope that you will put khan philippines on action again………

  4. hay sana ibalik na khan 🙁 guys try kaya natin mag send ng request sa support ng LU na ibalik na ung khan?

  5. Sana Ibalik nilan ang Khan online philippines, Im so upset please help us, bring the khan online back. hu hu hu sa khan thailand diko maintindihan.

  6. Sana ibalik na ung KHAN ONLINE PHILIPPINES SERVER i really miss it ilang taon na ang nakakaraan dun ko lang nakilala lahat naging shota ko. i just work in other country pagbalik ko wala na… T_T its very sad to say but just take the farewell,..

  7. why don’t we try to convince the Level Up games (LU) to sponsor the said game coz i know their would lot of khanatics that will play again. there are some private server trying to save the game but unfortunately they did’nt last coz as what ive heard they have problem with the server host. LU is a big company they can save this game. when im playing this khan game in private and Philippines server their are lots of donators spend lots of tugrik just to be tough in the game.. if LU is smart enough they would save the game rather than making another game and only few people play… or else khan online will be legend ^^

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