Khan EyeBall @ Extreme Gaming Grounds

I attended a gaming and eyeball event at Extreme Gaming Grounds( EGG ) makati which was organized by several Khanatics. It was a blast and was successful. I heard attendees reached 70 people.

One of the activities we had on the said event was this Live Guild Wars.  My guild fought to the finish. Though we lost to a stronger guild I can say my guild mates and some friends enjoyed the battle. Actually, the Guild war is just for fun since like what I’ve said the event was organized by some Khan Philippines Gamers not by LUG management.

The eyeball ended at Giligans Makati and while I’m heading home I made a wish I wish this game will be still here for another year or two.

Check out some pictures.

Thats me in the middle with my guildmates.

Khan Philippines EB

Khan Philippines

Khan Philippines


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