Item Mall : Rohan PH

The Item Mall for Rohan PH is now available for Rohan PH gamers who wish to purchase some premium items to assist them in their Rohan PH adventures.

Personally, I just purchased a 200 Level Up Game Card this afternoon and loaded it in my Mylevelupgames page. For those gamers who haven’t tried loading game credits here are some short steps you can follow as guide.

1. Go to and login.
2. If you haven’t link your rohan account from your other or old levelup account you can just click the link account. Then input your rohan account and password.

3. Once done you can then proceed to ADD Credit then input the Card number nd Card Pin of Levelup card you purchased.

4. Then go to Use Credits Link and choose ROHAN as the game where you want to convert your game load credit.

5. Choose the Value of the credit load you want to use for your Rohan account then submit.

How to buy Rohan Premium Items

1. Go to then click Item Mall link then Item Mall Proper
2. Type your Rohan account username and password. Once inside the Item Mall Shop you can browse and click Add to cart for Items you want to purchase.
3.  Then you can just click CART on the Shortcut Menu which you can see on the lower left of your screen.
4. To finalize your purchase you can tick the check box then click checkout.
5. Logout from Item Mall and Login to Rohan Game Client.
6. You will see the item you purchased by clicking Item Mall inside Rohan Game Client and transfer it to your inventory.

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  1. Elf’s colored pink unicorn is too fancy and many players agreed to that. We want 100% mobility too but we don’t want pink… Hope you could attend to our concerns. thanks.

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