IP E-games Domination 2 finally Over

IP E-games Domination 2  event finally over and it was a blast. However, there is some things that I wanted to comment on. Just continue reading.

My friend and I were there at the Domination II event in SMX Pasay City past 8:30am. Since we both pre-registered online and printed that short confirmation we were expecting and also other gamers who also went into that process to be easily pass the registration booth. The registration booth on the first floor of SMX went smoothly as we only need to fall in line and show the requirements like the pre-registration printed confirmation, Egames card and an ID. We then reached the second floor. Since we were early, the line is still not that long. I believe that was already 9:30AM when I noticed second floor was becoming crowded. Some Egames organizer somehow re-routs the line to accommodate more gamers. When I noticed an egames organizer keep on adding new lines that’s the time I was a little bit concern that he might not or his companion might not remember which batch of lines arrived first. What I did I approached a guy from egames team “Boss sana di magkalimutan kung anong line ang unang dumating” he replied”sige po sir tinatandaan naman po natin” please note its not just me who approaches the guy as other gamers also reminded them that their line should go in first than the other lines. He also coordinated this to his fellow organizers. Okay well and good.

Function room doors was opened at 10am. You know what happened next? Many gamers broke from their lines and immediately rushed to the booth near the door. The scenario was not avoided because 98% of the bouncers and organizers were stationed at the back of the final entrance booths when they should be at least in front of the booth assist and control hard headed gamers.

While we were ready to go inside the function room many gamers was irritated on the line because verification of attendees and giving of name sticker was very slow. If I counted it right they only have 6 encoders on the booth. Honestly, I can understand that they lack of entrance booth. What I cannot understand what’s the use of the pre-registration process if they cannot  make the entire registration process of the event faster? Good thing when a lady from the egames organizer noticed the process were very slow she just suggested to her fellow organizers/encoders just get the printed pre-registration confirmation, give them passport, put stamp on the attendees’ wrist, check their bags and let them in. Now that was I call it real express lane. I knew this because I was still on the line that time. I should have got her name for this and thank her for a job well done. After that I don’t know if they were able to catch up with the delays.

So far that’s the only comment I want to say on this event. The rest of the event was really a blast and was indeed a fun April Sunday. Next Entry will be E-games Domination 2 Photos.


  1. This is not really a flame, but this is what happen outside SMX

    I was also there that time around after lunch i think i also have a pre registration form, the thing is, is a no no to what they organize outside smx, i was up to 4 pm with this long line and some irritated people who were waiting to get in. we asked what time they will accommodate other people, Wala pa pong sinasabi ma’am – the guard said , well that is what he saying every after 30 minutes we approach him.

    the rest of us went home very irritated Too bad, We were expecting a fun day we just left SMX irritated and didnt get to watch event that day, I should say. disorganized event management.

  2. yeah that also happen to me.. I also have pre-registration print out but it took me 3 hrs and still we cant go inside.. We keep on asking the guard since there is no e-games representative outside the venue… The guard doesnt know about the flow of the event and what time they will allow the people outside the smx to get in.. I know its crowded inside but at least they should have a representative to assist people such as myself who were waiting for almost 3hrs or more.. the rest of us went home and wasted our time.. people inside doesnt know this.. I hope next time they would organizer properly like other gaming events..

  3. This is soo true. I was there with my girlfriend as early as 8:00aml and I’ve seen this happened when gamers rushing to the front on the function room door without organizers around.

    Overall it was still great!!! just improve the registration process.

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