IP Banning on Pristontale 2

Weeks ago I had a very short entry about Pristontale 2 europe. After that I haven’t really able to play the game because of the implemented IP banned for SEA gamers. Though Im planning and looking for an IP proxy to get in but according to some gamers even you could get it in, it wont take long the account will be deleted since Publisher of Pristontale2 Europe doesn’t allow gamers coming from Asia region.

My searches ended up with a news that Asiasoft got the license to release Pristontale2 in SEA but confirmation is still unknown as of this time. Asiasoft Online publishes “MapleStory”, “Audition”, “GetAmped”, “Grand Chase”, “Cabal Online”, “Rappelz”, “Richman Online” and distributes “SilkRoad Online”. Asiasoft Online is also the Official Distributor for Blizzard Entertainment’s record breaking title “World of Warcraft” in Singapore and Malaysia.

Next option would be wait for the Pristontale US to come out and lets hope they won’t implement IP Banning.

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