INnoVation Lee Sin Hyung – Starcarft II – 2013 WCSeries Season 1 Champion


For the first time I was able to watch the Final Live Streaming of starcraft2 2013 WCS happened earlier today until the very last match between INnoVation and sOs.

From the Quarter-Finals it was Soulkeys (2 wins) vs sOs (3 wins) and on the other bracket it was Mvp (2 wins) vs INnoVation (3 wins). Both protoss player sOs and Terran player INnovation advances to the Finals. In the final match up the map used was Whirlwind then Bel’Shir vestige, Akilon Wastes, Neo Planet S. All wins goes to INnoVation though sOs gave a wonderful and interesting fight.


Lee Sin “INnoVation” bagged $40,000 as the prize of the SC2 2013 WCSeries Season 1 Champion. I can really say it was a great watch and I’m just happy I witnessed the matches.

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