iDate Online Philippines First glance Review


iDate Online, the first online interactive dating game in the Philippines open its door to the masses as its Grand Club Opening happened last February 18, 2010. This game was published by Gameclub, the same company who’s handling Special force, Twelvesky2, Crossfire and Fiesta Online.

Okay this entry would be my first glance review of this casual game. I started playing yesterday after getting an iDate Installer which was delivered to us by Gameclub personnel who is assigned in our area. Since I already have a Gameclub account I did not go through signing up for a new one but instead went directly to launching the iDate Game Client. My first impression was wonderful though I was expecting that iDate is full pledge 3D but sorry to say it’s not. However, its graphics, the well created characters, and the danceable music track collections can really carry the game.

iDate has two servers with 10 channels to choose from. As soon as you already picked the channel you want you will be prompted to create your character. Then next thing you will see the Friends lists window in which you will be seeing other players you came to know and added in that list. It then show the level of relationship with that person. The more time you play together it will somehow increase the level bar. Going to the lobby would show you all the rooms available. Rooms can be divided into Normal room and Hunting room. Normal room would be an environment where you just need to dance on the dance floor with your fellow iDate players while Hunting Room adds a little spice because you can pick a partner (should be opposite sex) and if that player chose you at the end of the dance music battle you get bonuses. As for the music tracks in-game, I sure you are familiar with some songs like Insomia, Nobody Nobody, Fire and Hot Issue. If I’m not mistaken all of these are Korean songs or remixes. Another feature of the game is the ability of the players to move around inside the room while waiting for the Room master to start the game. As you level up more and more actions you can perform in-Game.

As of this post I can say the game is fun and you can really feel that the iDate community is there. It looks like the game is a hit.


  1. bro, san location mo? nid help kc.. pde ba aq makakuha ng cd installer ng 12sky2 ph, or bka alam mo kung san me pde makakuha.. reli nid it bro, from makati here.. w8 q reply mo sa email qoh. tnx!

  2. pano po malaman kung paano gamitin ang mechanics ng bagong event sa idate??? pede po mag send sa email ko..nalilito kase ako sa mga f1,f2,f3,f4, f5 and etc…. tnx..

  3. di aco mkapg.install ng idate !! plz help me ,. ang hirap n mginstall through their website ,. nkakainis ,. guzto ko p nmn nun ,. plz !!! help me !!

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