How to play Starcraft 2 Offline . Crack . Download

Too excited to play the ultimate competitive real-time strategy game ? Same here. Infact I’m still playing Starcraft 1 over at Garena. And since Starcraft 2 release date was moved to Q3 of 2010 many die hard starcraft players were eager to try the game before the release of its Official Starcraft Game Client.  Getting into SC2 Beta is hard nowadays or they already stopped accepting new tester.

If you haven’t still playing starcraft 2 Beta  your next option would be search for starcraft 2 Offline version. Your next question would be probably how to play Starcraft 2 Offline ? Here’s how :

1. Download the Starcraft 2 Client. Download Link ( Starcraft_2_Beta_Client_US_Build_13891). Not the latest client but you can still auto patch it after you install it. Then close it.

2. Download the crack file created by a certain LAZYTOWN TEAM : Crack download (some antivirus says it has trojan and so download it at your own risk)

3. Download some SC2 Map below

2 Player Maps (You & 1x AI):

  • Blistering Sands:
  • Desert Oasis:
  • Scrap Station:

4 Player Maps (You & 3x AI):

  • Kulas Ravine:
    Lost Temple:

 4. Run the Lazytown program and it will ask you to choose a map. Just choose those map you downloaded. Then thats it. wait for it to automatically load Starcraft 2 Beta bypassing Battlenet.

The steps above works for me if you encounter some errors I’m afraid I cannot provide support as I’m not the one who created the crack.

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